If you were taking a balance test or adding a score or weight manually and received the message  
"Error saving balance test result. Error: A data connection is not currently allowed." , 

this means that your app device (whether that be a phone or tablet) has lost internet connection.
To solve this, check your internet connection and try again.

If you don't have access to the internet for a longer period of time, your Stability scale has the capacity of storing the 5 most recent scores. You can take the balance tests with the app or without it as normal. The next time your app device connects to the internet and is connected to the scale, the BalanceCoach will import up to 5 scores into your History page of the app.

If you see this Error message when you take a balance test outside of your home at a doctor's office or friend's place, you must jot down or remember the balance score to enter it manually when you connect to the internet later on. 

If you connect to the internet and still see this Error message, please let us know via our support formincluding the following details:
  • device type (tablet / phone)
  • Manufacturer
  • operating system
  • Software version