If your weight is not displaying correctly, or you have moved the scale, you need to tare (or calibrate) your scale. There are two ways to tare, with the app, or just with the scale. 

Here is a video showing both methods. Written instructions can be found below the video.

Tare with the BalanceCoach App:

  • Make sure the scale is connected to the app 
  • Open the sidebar and select 'Scale Settings' 
  • Click on 'Recalibrate Weight' 
  • You should see 3 dash lines moving across the scale and then hear a beep.
  • The app will notify you when the recalibration has been complete. 

Tare with just the scale:

  • Press or tap the center of your scale sharply with one foot
  • The scale will make a 'beep' sound and display will show '- - -' as a moving sequence
  • If you don't see the 3-dash moving sequence, please press / jab harder otherwise taring will not occur
  • Wait - do not step onto the scale until after you see '0.0' on the display
  • Stand on your scale
  • Your scale will show your weight
  • If you remain standing still, after 5 seconds your scale will countdown 3,2,1 and the balance test will begin
  • Remain standing still on your scale until you hear the final beep which indicates the test is complete
  • Your scale will display your score

Have scale software version 92 and below ? See how to tare your scale here.

Want to update your scale software? See how to do that here.