If you see this message, you are using an old version of the BalanceCoach app. Please download the latest version from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

You can now use the BalanceCoach mobile app with the same email address as you have for BalanceReport or BalanceCare logins.

Things to note about this update:

This update is for those who wish to use BalanceCoach in conversation with their patients, to

  • Run a balance test, and use the visual countdown timer to help their patients
  • Explore the 6 pillars of balance with patients to identify what to work on first
  • Are testing in a health fair or other public environment to demonstrate the scale and 6 pillars.
  • Use the app to change scale settings - eg from kg to lbs
  • Use the app to update scale settings when an update is released

If you are using the BalanceCoach app to store and track your personal balance scores, we recommend using a personal email address for this.

With the new Pro update, you can log in to BalanceCoach with the same email address you registered for BalanceReport. Your new screen will look like this, enabling you to explore the 6 pillars of balance with patients, then hit the central reset button. Scores are not imported from the scale.