There are three reasons why two scores in the same day might be different. 

  1. Scale: Has the scale been moved?  Was it on a hard, level surface for both tests?
  2. Testing Environment: The Stability Scale is a highly sensitive, precision instrument that can detect the smallest of imbalances.  Being in a noisy environment, having someone talking to you or near you, and having movement in your field of vision can affect your balance and result in a different score. 
  3. You: Throughout the day your body goes through many changes.  Diet, hydration, medications, exercises, fatigue, mood, pain, etc can have an effect (you may have already experienced changes in weight during the day). Explore your Balance Profile in the BalanceCoach App to learn more about yourself.  You might like to try testing yourself before and after exercise: 
  • Did your score go up after exercise? That might be because you activated your neural system, exciting your balance pathways for better balance
  • Did your score go down after the exercise?  That might be because you fatigued your body, especially in the legs.  That jelly-leg feeling from a hard workout is real, and it affects your balance.  If your score drops with exercise, give yourself a pat on the back for a good workout session, but, be good to your body so it can recover fully.