You need to zero your scale:

  • Press or tap the center of your scale sharply with one foot
  • The scale will make a 'beep' sound and display will show '- - -'
  • Wait - do not step onto the scale until after you see '0.0' on the display
  • Stand on your scale
  • Your scale will show your weight
  • If you remain standing still, after 5 seconds your scale will countdown 3,2,1 and the balance test will begin
  • Remain standing still on your scale until you hear the final beep which indicates the test is complete
  • Your scale will display your score

If you step onto the scale while '- - -' is showing on the display, the scale will calibrate your weight as zero, and will therefore not show your actual weight or initiate a balance test. 

If this happens by mistake, just redo the sequence as above, and your scale will once more show your weight and then be able to conduct a balance test.

It is important to zero your scale by tapping and waiting every time that you move it, otherwise weight and balance measurements may not be accurate.

For further information, including a short video showing correct operating procedure, please click here