The ZIBRIO Stability scale is a sensitive medical device that measures your balance, or how much control you have over your body’s movements to stay upright. 

Those with low balance scores are less in control and are more likely to fall in the coming year. Imagine you are out walking the dog. All sorts of hazards could be encountered. A tree root could be pushing through the sidewalk – a tripping hazard. Ice could be on the sidewalk, leading to a slip. 

If you have good balance, it is easier for you to maintain control over your body when you trip or slip, and you are less likely to fall. 

If you have poor balance, a hazardous situation like this is more likely to result in a fall. Those with very low balance scores, 1-3, are also more likely to fall spontaneously, without the presence of a hazard.

Have you ever tried standing perfectly still for an entire minute? It’s harder than you think. When you try to stand still, your body is actually making small adjustments to keep upright. ZIBRIO® Stability scales are very sensitive and measure all these movements, and then analyze them with patented Briocore technology in order to calculate your balance score and risk for falling down.