Yes they can. The best way for multiple people to use the same scale is to use it with the app (one app account per person - this can either be on individual phones, or different people can log into their account on the same device. They will need to be logged in and connected to the scale before doing a balance test). The score will automatically be uploaded to the the user's app account at the end of the test.

If you are a professional user, you can login the BalanceCoach App with your BalanceCare or BalanceReport login credentials and have a tailored app experience. You will be able to test multiple users easily and reset the balance profile to use it for educational purposes with as many subjects as you wish.

If used without the app, the scale will store up to 5 scores and will then upload all of them to the app when it is next connected.

It is also possible to use the scale without the app, and simply make a note of your score. Or to manually enter your score into your app to enable you to track how your score changes over time.